Hayden Kelly: Subordinate at Carter & Henry Kelly, Inc.


I’m a mom. I am not the best mom. I am not the craftiest, but I try. I have the two cutest boys in the whole world. Carter 4 and Henry 2. We are together all the time and I love them to pieces, but it can be tough. I chose “subordinate” as my blog title  because it seems to accurately explain so many aspects of my life. I am subordinate to my kids.  They dictate my schedule.  I wake when they wake. Eat when they eat. Listen to their music in the car (sometimes even after they get out – AARGH!). And they are always keeping tabs on me. Like a parole officer, the moment I leave the room, they start checking on my whereabouts.   “Where’s mommy!?”. “I went to the bathroom, geez!”

They are also subordinate to me. When they want a popsicle, they have to wait for me to open it. and…..that’s about it. In no other way do I feel in charge. Oh and I drive them everywhere. So, there’s that. Our relationship is often shifting between who is subordinate and who isn’t.

This blog is about that struggle and the numerous things in my life which I am subordinate to or try to subordinate (ie. My husband=subordinate to me, my dog=I am subordinate, dinner=I wake up thinking “what will I make for dinner. So I guess I’m subordinate, my weight=constant struggle for power between what I want to eat and how little I want to work out. you get the picture?).  Since I am the one that deals with the most actual poop in our house, I’d say I’m losing the battle…. For now.