Henry is funny when he cries

It's hard being 2

It’s hard being 2

This is Henry’s favorite book. It was on my bedside table and he picked it up one day. He carries it everywhere pretending to read it. He hasn’t really absorbed much of its content though. Still, I think it’s making his 2’s a bit better. He likes to show me that he is reading it.

look mama.  i read.

look mama. i read.

As if that will, somehow, make up for the tantrums. “At least I’m working on it,” is his theory. I put the book far away on a remote shelf in Craig’s office, but he still found it.

just a couple more passages before this really sinks in

just a couple more passages before this really sinks in

Henry’s 2’s really aren’t that bad.  He’s still pretty funny and charming through all the tears. I always try to distract him when calming him.  When he cries, he just repeats the last words you say to him, which makes me laugh.
Here are some examples:
Henry crying because he had to get in the bath (we bathe him. we are monsters!):
Me: “Don’t cry Henry. Do you want to play with the pirate?”
Henry: (crying) “Play with pirate!!!!!”
Henry crying because he dropped his waffle:
Me: “Don’t cry Henry. Here’s a pop tart”
Henry: (through tears) ” Pop Tart!!!!!”
Sometimes I just like to get him to say funny stuff. Henry crying because we have to change his diaper.  (Again, we are horrible, awful parents to want him in a clean diaper.):
Me: “Henry, do you like the films of Orson Welles?”
Henry: (crying)“Orson Welles”
Me: “Henry, would you like some crack cocaine?”
Henry: (crying)“Crack Cocaine!!!!!”
Me: “Henry, Do you think that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone?”
Henry: (crying)“Lee Harbey Oswalk act awone!!”

So, there you have it.  Lee Harbey Oswalk act awone.  Done.



  1. Bunny

    You made my Monday soooomuch better. I needed that laugh! (John too! )

  2. Hayden

    yay! Bunny! i do what I can. 🙂