This is how you do a lazy sunday

I love my bed. Really, I love any bed, but mine especially. I just really love to lie down. Today is the first day in a long time when we didn’t have to get up and get going somewhere. So we are all lying in bed and I couldn’t be happier. This is how you do a lazy Sunday.

Lazy Sunday

All My Monkeys!

First, you send your tired husband out to fetch breakfast. Cause you know I’m not cooking (snap, snap).

breakfast getter

breakfast getter

Then, you turn on the TV while still lying horizontal in bed (OMG, life is awesome!)! The boys watched an educational Charlie Brown about the Mayflower and I learned something too. Did you know that 102 people were on the Mayflower, but only 101 arrived in the new world? Two died and one baby was born. Also, apparently, it really stank on board.

I told Carter I was going to set up the breakfast in bed trays. This was his reaction:

YAY!  Breakfast in Bed!  I'm going to ask for this every day for the next 3 weeks!

YAY! Breakfast in Bed! I’m going to ask for this every day for the next 3 weeks!

I love my breakfast in bed trays. One was a wedding gift. The other we bought when I was like 7 months pregnant and we were renovating our house and had no kitchen. The now playroom, was our makeshift kitchen and we had to eat all of our meals in bed, which was awesome for me. Unfortunately, they did not finish the kitchen until Carter was 6 weeks old. Trying times. Let me tell you.

Here comes the part of the lazy Sunday when I am no longer experiencing the “lazy” part, but it is still super fun. Craig brought back a ton of awesome and totally indulgent eats from The Original Pancake House. IMG_1160 Ham & eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes with syrup and butter & strawberries and cream! Then we prepare the trays for the boys and deliver their food. We pretty much sealed our fate right there. IMG_1159 They will live with us until they are 40. IMG_1164 They are watching Mickey Mouse cartoons and laughing hysterically. It makes me so happy to hear Carter laugh so loud at those old cartoons. He LOVES them. I love this sweet period of life; before Star Wars obsession and sarcasm. Just silliness and joy.DSC_2160

Now, still in my pajamas (a must for a lazy Sunday. Don’t judge. It’s only 9am. Who am I? Donald Trump?), I am making out my grocery list. We have to prepare the house for Aunt Ashley’s visit!!!!!! I am so excited that my sister is coming to town!! We haven’t seen her since April! Cooking enchiladas tonight and lasagna tomorrow. Wish Lazy Sunday could last a little longer, but I’m so excited that I don’t mind. More on Ashley’s visit later. HK out.