Cable vs Netflix/Amazon Prime

I love the spontaneity of regular old cable television. I have netflix, amazon prime, but I spend more time just flipping the channels to see what will draw me in after a few minutes. Right now, I’m watching this HBO documentary on Stephen Sondheim and I just happened to turn it on as they were discussing “Company”, which I’ve never seen. They played a recording of the song, “Being Alive” which is all about marriage, the mundanity of it, the joy of it and the need for it. I’m really glad I saw that and I wouldn’t have without cable. So I’m keeping my cable. It’s expensive and becoming an anachronism, but so am I, I suppose.


  1. Hayden

    thanks Kim. That Sondheim thing was amazing. that song is so beautiful and thoughtful.

  2. Craiger

    So many talented women I am blessed to know & love!