Henry’s first birthday

DSC_1472Honestly, I tear up when I start looking at these birthday pictures. Maybe I’m a sap, but they were just filled with so much joy!!! It was a lot of work to put on, mainly because I had a barely 3 year old and not quite 1 year old. It sounds stupid, but I am so proud of these parties. hahaha! Even though Henry was one and didn’t know what was happening. And even though he burned his finger on his “1” candle because I was smiling for the camera and not watching him closely enough (I was sleep deprived, but still, I feel awful). I am certain he will look back on these and know that we really loved him (especially since we will never tell him about touching the candle). And I hope he will be able to feel the joy in these pictures (and not recall the pain of touching the birthday candle).

I did not include the lack of joy in the “burned finger pictures” for Henry to cherish forever. I have erased all the evidence. If only I can bribe Carter to keep quiet. Here he is the moment before he grabbed the candle. You can see the, “hey what’s that do?” look in his eyes. DSC_1485 Poor boo. Ya know, as a mom, I often make dumb, careless mistakes. It sucks! I remember pinching Carter’s cute fat thigh while trying to click him into his car seat when he was like 4 months old. OMG the self-loathing that followed was epic. It’s the worst feeling, accidentally hurting them. I accidentally hurt myself all the time, but when it is your baby, it just cuts you to the core. This birthday incident was made extra bad because we had an audience. They were all staring at us singing ‘Happy Birthday’, then he cried and we realized what had happened. We got some ice and it was fine, but the mood was killed. Thankfully they were all family and close friends, so the shame was minimized. The next day, we tried to recreate the birthday cake shot and Henry cried as soon as he saw the cake! So, I just hope that makes some mom feel better. It happens. Can’t get much worse than that story.

the birthday boy seemed to have a premonition of his fate even before the cake came out. He's saying, 'hmmm...my finger seems a bit too comfortable. Perhaps the temperature of my epidermis is too low

the birthday boy seemed to have a premonition of his fate. He’s saying, ‘hmmm…my finger seems a bit too comfortable. Perhaps the temperature of my epidermis is too low’

For the favors (seriously, I am moving on from the burnt finger….trying), I got these great plastic popcorn containers from Target for like $1. We still use ours. My initial idea for his birthday theme was “ceiling fans” since that was his favorite thing in the world at the time. So, I got pinwheels for all the kids. I also put a preposterously long and sugary lollipop in each favor just cause and bubbles. Carter wanted to help me with the decorations (he always does). He did the pictures on the front of the favor/gift table.

I got all of the adorable printables for free(!) from Hostess with the Mostess (my favorite party blogger). This was two years ago, so I don’t think they are still free 🙁 But you can find the links to order them custom made here. A word on printables. You can find free printables for just about any party theme online which is awesome! But beware, printing them, even on your home printer can add up. I always end up using an entire toner cartridge!! Still cheaper than printing at Fed Ex, but those toner things are like $50! I do everything for my parties – cake, decorations (i buy a few, but mostly homemade), food – so that keeps the costs pretty low. That’s how I rationalize it. Also, the cutting involved in printables is nothing to sneeze at. You can get carpal tunnel pretty quickly doing that. Finally, always print on card stock. It’s not that expensive and holds up so much better.

HEY! NEW MOMS! This is the posture you will have at the first birthday party of your second child.

wow, my schlumpy shoulders are really working for me here.

wow, my schlumpy shoulders are really working for me here.

We took photos of all the babies in this clown wig. It was hysterical!!! The best photos were of my friend’s kids, but I don’t have permission to post those photos…yet. Here are my kids

Happy Birthday Sweet HenryHappy First Birthday Henry Happy First Birthday Henry

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