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JC Penney is so much better than you ever thought possible!

I had never really shopped at Penney’s before, but we were there because my mom bought a Groupon to get photos made of the boys.  O…M…G!  They have a full JONATHAN ADLER Happy Chic home section and it…is…awesome!  Plus they are having a sale RIGHT NOW!!!! Go there. Go there hard.

I got this gourd lamp for $16!!

JA gourd lamp

JA gourd lamp

SIXTEEN DOLLARS! You can’t buy one of Jonathan Adler’s nail clippings for that price!  I bought two of them.  And, by the dubs, they come in orange too.  I challenge you to find a lamp and shade any place for that price, even Big Lots. Obviously, you get better deals if you go to the store, rather than ordering online because these are listed as on sale for $86.99.  I literally paid $16 for them.  It felt like a crime, an awesome, thrilling crime. There is nothing in the actual Jonathan Adler store for that price.  Not even a coaster.

The whole JA section is decorated so great that I wanted to buy everything in it.  Here are a few choice items.

Jonathan Adler at JC Penney.  Yes, you read that right.

Jonathan Adler at JC Penney. Yes, you read that right.

1. Greek Key Pillow $24.99 2. Lacquered Orange Tray orig $100 now $49.99 3. Blue Tufted Sofa orig $3,995 now $1,195 4. Navy Bolster Pillow $24.99 5. White Linen, Camel Back Bed Frame on clearance $849 for queen $955 for king (also comes in navy) 6. Bleeker TV Cabinet orig $1,195 now $355

That TV Cabinet, is solid wood and it is fantastic.  That bed also comes in navy, gray velvet(!) and lacquered white.  Also you can buy just the headboard for under $500.  I love that couch so much that it hurts (omg that price is unbelievable).  The reviews say it is uncomfortable and it certainly looks uncomfortable, but who cares!  It is so chic….and happy.:)  (Zing!  see what I did there?)

I bought this duvet set from the JCP Jonathan Adler collection, but it was at Marshall’s for $60.  So, now some pieces are showing up there for even less.

For Carter's room

For Carter’s room

And here’s the best part.  While I was perusing the website, I found this stunning sofa!

want this.  I'll just throw away my sofa.

If this sofa were a man, I would hit on it…big time.

It’s not even JA. It’s some other JC Penney collection (Darrin 89″ – that’s the sofa name). It costs $3,395  – which is about what it would cost anywhere.  Looks like it is worth every penny. Who knows what other gems they are hiding over there.  The prices at JCP are no different from Macy’s or Bloomingdales, but the sales and the styles are not to be missed. I never would have thought such awesomeness was waiting for me there, but it is.  Go to there.  Go to there now!

p.s. Obviously I did not get paid for this.  Since I only have like 9 readers, no one would pay me for writing this.  I just did it because I am seriously in awe of what is going on over there and I thought you should know!  Plus I like to pretend that I’m an important home blogger like my friends Brian Patrick Flynn and Emily Henderson!!!  Also I am learning photoshop and I like to show it off.

Oh No!

Halloween is coming and I don't have a costume!

Halloween is coming and I don’t have a costume!