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I’m not doing what I’m supposed to be doing

Clean DishesI should be cleaning the house, exercising or sewing, but I’m not. I’m just sitting here on the internet, eating chocolate – not even dark chocolate. The dishwasher is open, full of clean dishes that need putting away, but I’m not doing it. I’ve got three texts that I need to respond to, but they can wait. Why? For no good reason. The boys are back in school. This is the end of their second week. I have a new found freedom and it’s making me down right rebellious. I’m a little concerned. Maybe too much free time isn’t a good thing. I’m supposed to be dieting, but I just had a bowl of soup followed by nuts, chocolate and more chocolate. The TV is on in the other room. We NEVER have TV on during the day (only at night so the children won’t think we watch TV. So they will think life is all about doing and experiencing or reading or painting or sculpting or baking. One day they will learn of our dirty secret – we are TV addicts who heroically gave it up so that our children might live better lives unburdened by the slothish pleasure of TV! They will either thank us for being so selfless or they will hate us for making them bake and sculpt. We could end up like Bette Midler at the end of ‘Stella’. Tragically watching our daughter’s (son’s in our case) wedding from outside in the rain because we pretended we were something we were not. In our case, we pretended to be high-brow non-tv watchers. In her case, she pretended to be a trashy bar maid who loved to party more than she loved her daughter. But she was actually a trashy bar maid her really loved her daughter more than anything). Things are really changing around here.

Last week was my first taste of freedom. I started out ok. I organized my closet. Cleaned the back bedroom and did a lot of gardening. This week I made a dress for my adorable god daughter, but I still need to add the buttons. I should be doing that right now. But I’m not. Oh no, I’m not. What has become of me? Who is winning here? Who am I rebelling against and why?

The house is empty and I’m just enjoying sitting here. The silent revelry of no one around to see what I’m doing is so intoxicating. So I’m telling all of you, my two or three loyal readers. I should be ashamed of myself….but I’m not.

Lint Ballzzzzzz

Poor Craig.  He is so neat and tidy.  It comes so naturally to him.  He is just programmed to keep things in order.  He patiently cleans up after me, almost never acknowledging his deeds.  I don’t even notice until the rare occasion when he goes out of town for a night.  Then I’m like, “Why is this trash on the table?  Why are these coats on the floor?  How come nobody took out the trash?  Why am I doing the dishes?”  It makes me giggle though.  Craig will not admit that he is OCD.  He actually gets defensive about it.  “I’m not OCD. I’m prepared,” is always his response.  Whatever works, I say.  It’s like a dream come true living with Craig.  I get a fairly neat house without having to do much.  He doesn’t want to pick up my La Croix cans off the counter and put them in the trash for me.  He has to.  He is compelled by some preparatory mandate in his genetic coding.  And I am the lucky beneficiary of this.  Who doesn’t love a clean house?

So, here is just one example of the many things I do, just naturally, not on purpose, that probably drive him crazy.  I call this one,  “Lint Ballzzzz”:

1. I remove the lint from the screen.  That’s a nice thing to do, right?  So it is clean for the next drying experience.

I remove the lint from the screen

i’m really going the extra mile here. Cleaning the lint screen.

2. It forms a nice little ball. A Lint Ball.

It makes a nice ball shape

balls. balls. ballzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

3. Just by cleaning the screen, I feel I’ve done my part.  Besides, it takes too long for me to walk 5 steps to the trash. So I just place it on the folding counter for later.

Craig is not going to like this

Craig is not going to like this

4. Sometimes, I’m so careless they don’t even make it to the counter. Here’s one I left on the floor a few days ago.

Oh Geez!

5. And here it will sit for, no more than 2 days, I’d say. I can’t be sure because I never go back and check. It is just magically gone the next time I go to do the laundry. If Craig weren’t here to clean it up, it would get cleaned. But it would probably have 5 – 20 friends sitting there with it before I felt the need to move them to the trash. There is no telling how many things in our house he is escorting to the trash for me or putting back in drawers. I live in blissful ignorance of the disarray my house would become without this man. He is like magic. I love my husband. Thank you for picking up my lint ballzzzzzz!

scene of the crime

scene of the crime

Bar Keeper’s Friend is my Friend

bar keepers friendY’all know that I am not a “neat freak”. I don’t “vacuum” or “mop”. I do clean the dishes though. It may surprise you to know that I get great pleasure out of cleaning pots. You know those stainless steel Cuinsinart saute pans that are all beautiful and shiny when you get them, then get little brown spots all over them. Like this:dirty pots
About a year ago, my sister-in-law told me about Bar Keeper’s friend. Just some cheap cleaner you get at the grocery store. I mean it got all of those brown spots out. See, in this post, I had to clean the bottom of the pot because the inside of the pan is so Muther Scratchin’ clean. Yours can be too. I am not being paid to write this, but if anyone would like to pay me retroactively, I will gladly accept cash. I’m just telling y’all cause I like y’all, nay, I love y’all. I want you to be happy and this will hopefully complete you.IMG_1114IMG_1115IMG_1117