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Vampire gets punked

vampire punked
Ok, so, the kids are planning something with their mom. Please tell me they are gathering garlic, holy water and wooden stakes.
put these on
Hmmm…they are putting bags on. Maybe they are planning to escape so he and they need to hide.
run vampire run
Nice, turning the tables on Vampire. I did not see that coming.

Vampire: now it’s getting weird

Oh Boy, things are getting weird with vampire.

Oh My God Mom! Do NOT turn around!

Ok, so here it starts to get really weird. First vampire was like a stalker/possible murderer to the family. Now Mom completely accepts and even makes him clothes?!!! mom works And where is dad? Did vampire kill him and now wants to replace him?
WHA?  So, Dad would NOT like this.

WHA? Dad would NOT like this.

What kind of weird, sick, scenario do we have here? So, mom sees Vampire as another child?
Vampire struts

Vampire struts

Oh, I get it. Vampire is a transvestite.