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Target 70% off TOY Clearance happening in the ATL NOW!!!

A very smart mom friend of mine told me about this. Target starts marking down toys in July and around the last week of July they are 70% off – unadvertised. It happens in January as well. We don’t know exactly when it gets to 70%, but typically, today is the day.  Keep an eye on the toy clearance section. If you see something at 50% off and it is the last one, snag it. But if they have five or ten left – wait. There will be a 70% off section soon. My friend stocks up on birthday presents and Christmas presents at this time.  So smart!  I’m about to head there now!  Go. Go there!
Check out the all things Target blog. It has lots of good strategies!!  You’re welcome

Free Mouthwash at Chick-fi-la

image So I can wash the smell of anti-gay chicken off my breath before I go to my LGBT mixer. Thanks Dan Cathy.

It’s a M**her F***ing Ice Storm, y’all

Chris Holcomb telling it straight

Chris Holcomb telling it straight

Last night on 11 Alive news, Chris Holcomb, totally straight faced, looked at the camera and said, “It’s about to get real up in here.  People are going to die.”  His usual jovial expression changed to one of terror as he went on. “Take a look at your family now.  Tell them you love them because one of you won’t be here when this is all over.” Then he gave a look that pierced right through me and said, “It’s a M**her F***ing ice storm, y’all.”

“You got big trees looming over your house?” he continued, ominously. “Well, sayonara.  Been nice knowin’ ya.  Those trees are gonna get all weighed down with ice and go zoooooooooom blam! (he made a motion like a falling tree) right on your baby’s room.  mmhmmm.  It’s happened before y’all.  2011, 1993, 2000, in the movie, ‘The Ice Storm’.  Spoiler Alert: Elijah Wood got electrocuted when ice broke a power line and hit the metal highway rail he was sitting on like an idiot.  Don’t sit on a metal rail, ok?  That was messed up!  Just stay home huddled in your basement and hope the giant pine with four branches on one side and a 20% lean looming over your house doesn’t get 1/4 inch of ice on it’s branches.  Cause it’s gonna fall on you and you are going to die.  Die. Die. Die.”

His frosted tips, mockingly glistened in the studio lighting like sparkling, ice rain as he gave the camera a good long stare. “You shoulda bought more firewood.” Then he ripped off his microphone clip, threw it on the ground and said, “Holcomb out!”

Other journalists’ actual descriptions of the Atlanta 2014 ice storm: “mind boggling. catastrophic. our biggest enemy. crippling. historic.” And, of course, “deadly.”  I’m sh***ing my pants.