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Morning Television



We are having a parenting dilemma in our house.  Craig is working very hard to keep the boys from watching TV in the morning before school.  They get up and help make breakfast.  They make his coffee.  Right now, I hear them grinding the coffee beans.  It’s awesome.  I totally support this.  When I get up with them first (which is not nearly as often as Craig does) I have them help too.  They love it.

Here’s the thing though, Henry woke up at 5:30 this morning (because he took a nap yesterday).  He woke up at 5:15 the day before (if you don’t count him waking up at 3, as well).  And Carter work up at 5:15 the day before that.  On those occasions, I feel the need to flip on the TV so that we can get a few more winks.  Yeah, it’s not the ideal morning, but OMG, it keeps me a little bit sane.

Some mornings, Henry gets in bed with us and will go back to sleep.  This morning was not one of those.  This morning, he snuggled up impossibly close to me.  My back was to him as I tried to feign sleep.  Then he started kicking his feet into my back.  I ignored it.  Then he started raking my face with his hands.  Again, I pretended that I was so deep in slumber that this physical assault did not rouse me.  Finally, he started talking, nay, screaming “I want go to down stairs.”  Because Craig is the greatest man that ever lived, he said, “Ok, Henry, I’ll go with you.”  To that Henry said, “No.  I want mommy to go.”  Then I brought up TV and Craig quickly whisked him away.  So here I am typing in bed.  Don’t know why I’m complaining; maybe I’m not. I’m just sayin’, sometimes it may be ok if they watch TV in the morning.

I am so proud of Craig for getting up with them and letting me sleep in.  I mean, that is the sweetest gift ever.  Of course, he does it mostly because he knows I will be an absolute bitch all day if I don’t get enough sleep.  Doesn’t make it any less sweet though.   And they love getting to make breakfast with Daddy.  Still sometimes, I miss morning television.

What do I know right?  Here they are this morning.  They have been happily working all morning.  Henry just picked out a puzzle to do and Carter has been diligently writing his name over and over again for his Valentine bags.