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I took a cab ride with Leonardo DiCaprio

That is not a euphemism.  Ten years ago, I actually rode in a taxi in Manhattan with the wolf of Wall Street for about….10 minutes.  He didn’t mention me in his Golden Globe speech last night and that’s ok.  I get it Leo.   That’s cool.

I had just left this bar in the Meatpacking district, the Spotted Pig or something (incidentally, Helene Christensen was there).  It was 12:30 at night and it was raining. I went to the sidewalk to hail a cab. They were all taken and like 10 other people were trying to get one.  One finally stopped for me and then this dick comes from across the street in his ball cap and tries to get in on the other side.  The street side; clearly not a New Yorker!!!  Not knowing who he was and being a totally cool human being I said, “We can share.  Are you going down town?”

He looked up and said, “Yeah”.  And my mind went, “OMG – that’s Leonardo DiCaprio.” Read more…